Behind The Project


Nicole Villa

CEO & Founder, Creative Director

Nicole began a self-directed curriculum on cryptocurrency & blockchain by attending Chicago meetups, online courses & traveling to conferences. Nicole also engages with the cryptocurrency community via her social media handle Crypto Maven.


Chuck Brown

Technical Product Manager

Chuck helps keep things running like a well oiled machine. An experienced digital professional who speaks business & technology fluently with a strong focus on the customer. His broad skill set ranges from highly technical communication protocols, to strategic intellectual property & product road-map creation. Effectively collaborating with stakeholders & team members to create innovative solutions & products driven by business & user requirements.

Software Development • Cyber Security • Data Science • Product Manager • Innovator

Security+ • PMP • CSPO • Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization


Joshua Herman

Full stack lead Developer

A lover of beautiful code & data. Joshua is a Javascript Engineer that made Insurance Managers that can give you quotes for car insurance. Some of his side projects are SnapML & ncategory . He has experience using Python, Node & Java for development; & Docker & AWS for deployment. He is a member of the ACM, ChiPy, & the AMS. He graduated from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2012 with a Bachelors in Computer Science.


Chainy the Crab

The MASCOT and all around glue that holds us TOGETHER

Chainy was just a regular crab trolling online cryptocurrency pages before he joined Coin Sailor. He decided to contribute to the community by dropping his frown & putting a smile on. His experience as a successful crypto miner didn't mean he could get a spot on the Coin Sailor team. As the team was brainstorming with Chainy, we came to the conclusion crypto needs a Clippy.




 Joshua Woods

Marketing & Social Media

Handles marketing, design & social media for Coin Sailor. Joshua is a designer, artist & entrepreneur from Louisana, USA. His focus is to create projects that help to foster collaboration & creativity. Also known as, AgentX.